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How to optimize consumption in a SMART way with Solar Manager

With the customer app, data on the solar system and household energy consumption can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. The customer app is available for iOS and Android (minimum requirements: iOS 12, Android 6) and also offers a demo mode to get a first look without an actual implant. In addition to key data visualization, the app offers the following additional features:

  1. The current flow diagram displays where the energy is currently flowing.
  2. Consumer statistics show energy consumption for each device for a selected period.
  3. An overview of the past 7 days with representation of solar power generated, direct solar power consumption, and power purchase from the grid.
  4. Electric car charging settings can be easily changed.
  5. Heat pumps, smart outlets and heating devices can be controlled directly with a single click.
  6. All settings of the solar system manager can be customized as needed (e.g., priority of connected devices).

We are now able to help you in the installation of optimal management of important consumption in your economy. You can also install this system on new and even existing systems, we will do a feasibility analysis for you to verify that the devices in operation are suitable.

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