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A simple solution for multifamily housing

Under the new Energy Law, since the beginning of 2018 there has been the possibility of creating a so-called grouping for the purpose of own consumption, abbreviated CPR. Such groupings make multifamily houses, equipped with photovoltaic systems, more appealing to both owners and renters.

This means that tenants can harness the solar energy from their homes until ‘depletion. On the other hand, if the ‘PV system produces more energy, the surplus can be fed into the grid. However, if tenants need more energy than the amount generated by the PV system, they can take the energy from the grid as normally.


Benefits for tenants

  • – Renewable energy generated by one’s own rooftop system
  • – Lower or at most unchanged energy costs

Benefits for landlords

  • – Increase in the value of ‘property
  • – Self-consumption increases the yield and lowers the years for ‘plant depreciation


– Consent and contract signed by tenants

– The solar output of the PV system must be at least 10% of the maximum grid-connection capacity.

– Solar energy must be consumed on site

– The electricity producer and the end consumer share a connection

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