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Aid from Bern and the cantons

Photovoltaic production is set to grow, the federal government says in the first place, as the 2050 strategy plans to replace much of the ‘electricity generated today by nuclear power plants with new renewable sources. By 2050, production will be at least 13 times higher than today, reaching 34 TWh per year.

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In Ticino, in 8 years of operation, the (Renewable Energy Fund) RES has achieved an installed capacity of more than 46 MW with more than 4500 installations producing approx. 45 GWh annually.

Federal Single RU-CH Incentives are calculated on the basis of KWp installed at, while cantonal CU-FV incentives are:

(a ) CU-FV for plants put into operation until March 31, 2022:

-1/3 of the RU-CH;

(b) CU-FV for facilities put into operation on or after April 1, 2022:

-Installations of rated power up to 30 kW: 50% of the RU-CH;

-Installations with a rated capacity of more than 30 kW: 50% of the RU-CH up to 30 kW rated capacity to which 1/3 of the RU-CH is added for the remaining rated capacity of the installation.

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