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Consumption-optimized photovoltaic system

Using special software for designing photovoltaic systems and tracking the developer’s daily and monthly costs, we are able to optimize how many KWh are needed.

image 1
Consumption, sale, accumulation

Based on the input data such as consumption, KWp, type of storage, the assumed consumption and recharge trend for each month is obtained.

image 4
Profitability analysis

Once the plant”s costs have been established, all revenues and incidental expenses can be analyzed, as well as conversion losses between accumulator and inverter. This allows us to get ideally close to the reality of consumption and revenue in a home or even in an industrial building, where consumption is significantly higher.

image 5
2-pitch cottage (example)

With SW. BIM is also possible to graphically represent how the PV panels are arranged on the building. This was important for those who had to decide at the municipal level, currently the law has been changed “see more in another article.”

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