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Earning with Solar Thermal Collectors and Heat Pumps

So far we have seen how you could make money by installing a photovoltaic system for electricity generation, today we want to focus our attention on solar thermal panels (also solar cooling for cooling), solar collectors and gas or electric heat pumps, biomass boilers, and thermal fireplaces. That is, making money not by producing electricity, but in this case heat.

The process that allows us to collect money disbursed by Gse is called the Conto Termico, let’s say it is the twin of the old Conto Energia that remained in effect until July 2013, dedicated, however, to photovoltaics.

First of all, let’s see what are the regulations governing the THERMAL_COUNT(Ministerial Decree of February 16, 2016). There is 700 million available for private individuals and 200 million for public administrations, so there is still ample room to take advantage of the incentives.

The easiest example is the ‘installation of solar thermal collectors for hot water production. In this case, the ‘incentive paid by the GSE for 4 square meters of collector is 680 euros paid in two annual installments.

For replacing wood stove with a 10 kW pellet stove there are :

– 2 annual installments of 524 euros – zone E (e.g., Turin)

– 2 annual installments of 431 euros – zone D (e.g., Rome)

– 2 annual installments of euro – zone C (e.g., Bari)

To access the Conto Termico incentives, whether individuals, entities or condominiums, one must use this form on the Gse portal and make the download of the requested resource.

The application for access to the THERMAL ACCOUNT must be made strictly within 60 days from the date of completion of installation of the ‘system, which cannot exceed 90 days from the date of making the last payment.

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