How to optimize consumption in a SMART way with Solar Manager

With the customer app, data on the solar system and household energy consumption can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. The customer app is available for iOS and Android (minimum requirements: iOS 12, Android 6) and also offers a demo mode to get a first look without an actual implant. In addition to key data […]

Contribution to the fight against CO2, however small

I appeal to you to emphasize the crucial importance of considering the installation of a photovoltaic system as part of efforts to safeguard the environment and reduce CO2 emissions. At a time when the urgency of combating climate change is increasingly evident, solar energy is one of the most promising solutions. Below, I want to […]

Mini power plant on the balcony

These systems have a peak power of max 600 watts, however they can cover a good portion of the daily consumption (weather and optimal location) of a family of 4. You have no incentives since the minimum threshold is 2 KW, while these systems cannot exceed 600 watts. By applying to the grid operator, excess […]

Operating ethically

Making the right choices means having a responsible approach that leads to difficult choices. If under the code of conduct you can only source from ethical companies, the prices of goods may be higher. Today, media conditioning, due to what is happening in the world, about the possible lack of energy pushes people to somehow […]

Photovoltaic system: maintenance and cleaning

come pulire un pannello solare

PV system maintenance is not mandatory, but recommended, plusmonitoring is the best prevention for your PV system. ThePV system needs at least 1 routine maintenance and cleaning per year. In case of special weather conditions, such as sand rains that can decrease the efficiency of the system by up to 10%, extra cleaning is recommended. […]

Consumption-optimized photovoltaic system

Using special software for designing photovoltaic systems and tracking the developer’s daily and monthly costs, we are able to optimize how many KWh are needed. Based on the input data such as consumption, KWp, type of storage, the assumed consumption and recharge trend for each month is obtained. Once the plant”s costs have been established, […]

Aid from Bern and the cantons

Photovoltaic production is set to grow, the federal government says in the first place, as the 2050 strategy plans to replace much of the ‘electricity generated today by nuclear power plants with new renewable sources. By 2050, production will be at least 13 times higher than today, reaching 34 TWh per year. In Ticino, in […]

Building License

The Federal Spatial Planning Law (LPT) regulates the licensing practice for solar installations in building and agricultural zones. For “sufficiently adapted” solar energy systems, an announcement to the competent authority is sufficient since the building permit requirement has lapsed. The latter, however, is still necessary for installations on cultural monuments. LPT Art. 18a Solar Installations […]